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We help companies
build strategic differentiation

We are positioning and brand strategy experts, helping international B2B and Healthcare companies build strategic differentiation.

What is your


How are you building
strategic differentiation?


used to be a choice
of strategy – today it
needs to be part of
every strategy”


Creating the focus for the next phase of growth


How focused and

aligned is your brand?


One core idea guiding all decisions

The Quadric



An integrated approach to building strategic differentiation

“Purpose driven companies

outperform the market

– proving it is a powerful

source of differentiation.


Using purpose to accelerate a strategic transformation


Giving a carve-out the ideal platform for independence

Does your purpose drive long-term value creation?

Does your identity have

the power to inspire

and differentiate?


Increasing the success of a merger


Repositioning to grow in new ways and markets

Are your value propositions driving higher margin growth?

Is your employer brand

attracting the right people

to build your future?

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