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Quadric was founded in 2004, by Michael Sherain and Mark Ronan, to help address the positioning and brand strategy needs of international B2B and Healthcare companies.

Our Mission:

Increasing the Contribution of Business to Society

Our approach is built around the Quadric® Framework, a management tool we developed to help companies build strategic differentiation – and thereby create sustainable competitive advantage for the benefit of all stakeholders.

With unique workshops and processes we are able to achieve more, faster and with fewer consultants involved than most. We combine strategic thinking with creativity and practicality to engage our clients and help them move forward with confidence.

Our clients are vocal fans of our approach and the majority of our new clients come from referrals. By sharing our framework more broadly we hope to move closer to our ultimate goal of increasing the contribution of business to society.



Michael Sherain is an experienced and creative business thinker, bringing vision and inspiration to everyone. He believes that by helping companies develop he is contributing to making the world a better place.

He has extensive experience managing global positioning and branding projects in a wide range of industries. This includes working with global sales forces and their customers to strengthen value propositions and lift sales relationships above price discussions. He is particularly skilled in workshop facilitation and engagement of leadership teams.

In addition to holding several Board positions, Michael is a part-time lecturer at DTU, the leading Danish university, and has been a guest lecturer at the Stockholm School of Economics, Russia. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.  Originally from San Francisco, Michael began working in Europe in 1997, when he moved to Copenhagen.

Mark Ronan has the analytical skill and practical experience needed to make an impact. He is energetic, outgoing and passionate about what he does, and truly enjoys helping people and companies realize their potential.

He is an expert in developing positioning and branding strategies, and has extensive hands-on experience helping companies implement them both internally and externally. He is particularly skilled in managing complex projects, ensuring deadlines are met and that everything moves forward efficiently.

In his years as a management consultant, Mark has worked throughout Europe as well as in the US and Asia. He has led many major projects, and is familiar with the strategies, processes and technologies used in a wide range of industries. He is a graduate of both Trinity College and University College Dublin. Originally from Ireland, Mark relocated to wonderful Copenhagen in 1996.


People we cooperate with to do great work

Beyond strategy, we use a network model to undertake projects, with our core team pulling together larger teams of talented freelancers and sub-suppliers on a project-by-project basis. Our core team ensures the strategy is clear, and then expertly manages these project teams to implement recommendations. This gives us total objectivity and ensures our recommendations are unbiased by in-house capabilities or overhead. We think of this model as mirroring Hollywood, allowing us the luxury of gathering the most talented teams for each project.

Over the years we’ve collaborated with a wide range of designers, writers, art directors, 3D animators, photographers, filmmakers, event planners, and others to transform brands and launch companies after carve-outs and mergers. We are always transparent about who helps us, and always give them credit for their contribution. We’ve built trust through the projects we’ve done together, and are committed to building on these relationships to deliver the best possible projects for our clients.