Realizing the Value of

a Series of Acquisitions


Having acquired ten companies in five years, CFS needed to clarify their combined value proposition and accelerate growth. CFS’ strategy was unique, having acquired enough companies to provide full production line solutions to the world’s largest food producers. However, many of the acquired companies continued to operate independently, missing opportunities for cross- and up-selling. Most importantly, the fragmented approach also allowed smaller competitors to challenge CFS with individual pieces of equipment.


We helped the management team understand the disconnect between the business strategy and how the company was positioning itself and marketing its offering. Based on their input, and interviews across their value chain, we defined and tested positioning scenarios. We then developed a positioning strategy that united CFS, a new sales approach based on the combined value proposition, a refreshed brand identity and a communications platform that activated the positioning in the market. A training program built cultural uniqueness, focusing the sales force on their customers’ performance goals. Sales volume increased while retaining margins, and the company was acquired shortly after at an unexpectedly high valuation.