Chr. Hansen

Moving from Product

to Insight-based Selling


Following its reintroduction on the stock exchange in 2011, Chr. Hansen targeted new growth. They had a strong reputation and a skilled sales force. However, sales management believed there was potential to increase sales of existing products by addressing customer needs more effectively. The initial focus was on the Cheese business unit that accounted for over half the company’s sales.


Through internal and customer interviews, we were able to categorize customer needs based on their business objectives. This allowed us to develop a series of new value propositions targeting each category, yet flexible enough to be adapted to each customer’s specific situation. Most importantly, the value propositions incorporated the knowledge and services Chr. Hansen’s often provided but was not capitalizing on. We then converted the value propositions into new tools for qualification, account planning and sales meetings. We introduced the new tools in a series of hands-on training sessions, which included case development workshops and follow-up account reviews.