Using Purpose to Accelerate

a Strategic Transformation


Healthcare systems around the world were under increasing pressure to control costs, and consumers were taking more active roles in their care. These trends were particularly strong within areas of intimate healthcare addressed by Coloplast.

To create sustainable growth, Coloplast set an ambitious strategy that included building direct relationships with millions of consumers while maintaining the loyalty of healthcare professionals. They knew their brand should play a leading role, and wanted to accelerate.


We started with a brand audit involving nearly 4,000 consumers as well as leading healthcare professionals in selected countries. At the same time, we mapped consumer journeys so we could reproduce the experiences that shape perceptions of Coloplast at all touchpoints. We used this combination of quantitative and qualitative input to help the management team set priorities for strengthening the brand and increasing the impact of marketing.


In addition to the core Quadric team, the following people featured in this project:
Peter van Toorn Brix, Jan Nielsen and Mike Ingvorsen @ Loop Associates.