Danaher Diagnostics

Uniting Multiple Companies to

Create One Strong Value Proposition


Danaher’s diagnostics companies operated independently but faced the same growing challenge in their markets; customer consolidation. In the US, mergers were creating much larger hospital groups. In the single-payer markets of Canada and Europe, purchasing was becoming more centralized. The result was fewer decision makers, with less in-depth knowledge of the systems they were buying. They were seeking long-term partnerships with fewer providers, putting pressure on specialized vendors.


We engaged the largest hospital groups in a process that clarified the buying criteria and processes that affected each of the Danaher companies separately. Then, using scenario testing, we identified the ways in which the companies could integrate their offerings without losing the strengths of their independence. We were able to turn an internal asset shared by all the companies, the Danaher Business System (DBS), into the authentic core of their united external value proposition.