Giving a Carve-out the Ideal
Platform for Independence


The carve-out process of Qiagen’s animal health business was nearing its’ close, with the new owners needing to create a new, independent company in time for a seamless transition. The new company should reflect the unique characteristics of the Qiagen division, while building a strong brand that gives confidence to both existing employees and customers – providing a strong platform for ambitious international growth.


To create a solid foundation for belief in the new company, we began by identifying the tangible and intangible assets that made it unique. We worked closely with the management team to define a clear and differentiated focus, then used it to craft a strong Mission that resonated with the team, and reflected the priorities of customers. We developed a new visual identity to reflect the character of the new company, combining a minimalist graphic system with a bold color palette that stands out in their crowded industry.


In addition to the core Quadric team, the following people featured in this project:
Peter van Toorn Brix, Jan Nielsen and Mike Ingvorsen @ Loop Associates.
Niclas Jensen. Mia Visti @ Sumo.
Johan Bouveng @ Oddlogic.