Launching a Division

as a New Global Company


When Nordic Capital acquired the Outokumpu Copper Products division, they had one year to develop and establish a new identity before losing the right to use the “Outokumpu” brand. Furthermore, the division consisted of many business units, some of which were operating with different brands. The challenge was to find out what united these business units and how to best launch them as a united global company while retaining the value built up as Outokumpu over the years.


We developed a range of positioning scenarios and tested them across their value chain. The correct positioning strategy quickly became clear and was proven to be relevant to all businesses and geographies. The positioning strategy and business strategy were tightly integrated, focusing on building more comprehensive partnerships with large customers in selected segments. Thus, we chose the name “Luvata” which, in Finnish, means “to promise,” the core of any partnership. In combination with the new tagline, “Partnerships Beyond Metals,” the name has even more power.