Repositioning to Grow in

New Ways and Markets


Novozymes pioneered the use of enzymes in industrial applications, and as the volume of those applications grew, so did the number of competitors. Rather than marketing the value of enzymes as a category Novozymes needed to increase their differentiation as a company. Their genuine commitment to, and leadership in, sustainability gave them access to high level decision-makers in business and governments, but often fell flat as a value proposition to customers.

Positioning Strategy


Through a number of workshops and customer interviews we found out that although Novozymes’ products outperformed alternatives, it was the deep relationships and expertise of their global service organization that enabled customers to realize the value promised. We then formulated a positioning strategy, which balanced the focus on improving the world with the importance of helping partners succeed. The strategy had the objective of driving adoption of the next-generation solutions and increasing the visibility of the service organizations.