Positioning a European Technology Leader

for North American Growth


Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is a category of software solutions essential to the security, compliance, and efficiency of governments and companies. Omada helped create the category, developing trusted solutions and best practices that made it the leading vendor from Europe. But, American competitors, benefiting from larger domestic companies and access to capital, had grown faster. Omada needed to take significant share in the US market to be in the top three globally.


The project resulted in a number of prioritized actions, many of which can’t be disclosed here. At the heart of it all, is a focus on “using identity to create business value.” Quantifying the value delivered to customers, and speeding up time-to-value, is the basis for Omada’s strategic differentiation. From R&D to sales and marketing, this focus now guides decisions. The statement, “Do more with identity”, brings people into the right mindset – envisioning identity as a tool for creating value. As new partners join Omada’s network, and Omada helps them create value, US market share continues to grow.