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Behind impactful companies and organizations are people working hard to make it happen – leading the fight and creating the future. Quadric is dedicated to helping these people succeed. Below is a selection of thought-provoking content and helpful insights for you to consider – whether you are looking for fresh ideas, to develop your brand management skills, or engage your team in a structured discussion.

Strategic Differentiation

By | Opinion
Industry leading companies focus on differentiating themselves in surprisingly simple ways. Volvo’s focus on safety, FedEx’s focus on reliability and Nike’s focus on performance are examples of this. These companies...
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Nomad Members’ Corner: Feats

By | Seminar
Join us for an evening of insights and inspiration.   Members' corner is a monthly discussion, presentation or conversation about a subject brought up by one of our members. This time Michael from Quadric will tell us...
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By | Webinar (Past)
Join us for an evening of insights and inspiration.   From biotech to consumer products, many companies are really “in it” for the long-term. Their founders and executives truly believe...
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Purpose Driven

By | Opinion
Successful companies unite their diverse cultures around a shared “purpose” that builds value and differentiation over time. They know what they want to be know for, and are committed to...
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“The speech at our top management meeting helped us to think differently and take action to reposition our company.”

“You will come away from the seminar, as I did, more inspired than ever about the potential of your future as a business.”

“The workshop was like seeing our company for the first time again – it exceeded every expectation.